OxyGeneo Facial

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Erika Tutoni

Aesthetic & Mediacal Permament Makeup master

  • Have you got puffiness around your eyes?
  • Do you wish to rejuvenate your skin?
  • Would you like your face to be fresh and young?

What is the perfect solution?

Oxygeneo facial with 100% natural ingredients!

  • Are you interested in a non-invasive facial treatment with no down time?
  • Do you wish to find a 100% natural technology which is dye and paraben free? 
  • Would you like a variety of facial treatment options for all ages and skin concerns?
  • Are you ready for an immediate and long-lasting glow?
  • Then OxyGeneo Facial is for you!

Why is OxyGeneo facial perfect for your skin?

It’s providing a unique approach to facial treatments! OxyGeneo is recruiting natural physiological processes to increase Oxygen levels and…

Achieve exceptional results!

The final goal of the treatment is skin renewal by natural oxygenation. The skin is gently exfoliated removing dead skin cells. The result is…

Refreshed, revived & younger looking skin!

The OxyGeneo Facial treatment creates immediate visible results, improving skin tone and texture.

The three steps of OxyGeneo facial

  1. The first OxyGeneo step helps oxygenate, exfoliate and nourish your skin with natural ingredients.
  2. Next, the Ultrasound step causes micro-vibrations that stimulate and help further condition the skin.
  3. Lastly, during the Neo-Massage step, a soothing Geneo™ Serum is massaged into the skin.

The above three steps of the facial improves moisture retention. The treatment also relieves puffiness around your eyes and reduces appearances of enlarged pores.

Finally, your face will look healthier & younger!

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Permanent makeup services

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Permanent Lip Blush

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Classic Eyeliner

Choose Classic Eyeliner and save yourself from daily eyeliner application that can pull and stretch the skin on your eyelid!
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Shaded Eyeliner Tattoo

Shaded eyeliner tattoo is a bit different than Classic Eyeliner.

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Lash Enhancement Tattoo

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Ombre Brows/ Powder Brows

You might known ombre brows as powder effect eyebrows. They are the same technique. Why can it be your perfect choice?
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Digital Hairstroke Brows

Digital Hairstroke Brows is a uniqe technique for creating 100% natural brows for you.

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Medical Tattoo

If your answer is ‘yes’ for any of the below questions, areola tattoo will be the best solution for you!
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Permanent Makeup annual refresh

You must know that professional permanent makeup never lasts forever. As time passes it starts fading.

Aesthetics services

Eyebrow Shaping / Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow shaping is not only waxing or tweezing the unneccesary brow hair.
It is important for you to find the best eyebrow shape for yourself because it gives a frame for your face.

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Hyper Customized Facials

Professional skincare treatments tailored to your skin!
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OxyGeneo Facial

Are you interested in a non-invasive facial treatment with no down time?