Classic Eyeliner

Erika Tutoni

Aesthetic & Mediacal Permament Makeup master

Choose Classic Eyeliner and save yourself from daily eyeliner application that can pull and stretch the skin on your eyelid!

What is the result of this?

  • Over time, the thin skin of the eye stops bouncing back and becomes loose.
  • It also makes it difficult to apply an even line.

What can permanent makeup give you as a solution? It is the Classic Eyeliner you need!

What is the advantage of this technique?

  • The permanent eyeliner eliminates the daily strain on your skin.
  • It achieves a permanently straight line.

You can choose if you want only a top eyeliner or want both top and bottom. It depends on your daily makeup routine.

Choose this calssic eyeliner and save time and energy every morning.

Save your eyelid from the every day torture that cause damages on it.

You can also choose lash enhancement tattoo, that makes your lashes to look thicker. This is a softer line than classic eyeliner.

Permanent makeup services

Permanent Lip Blush

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Classic Eyeliner

Choose Classic Eyeliner and save yourself from daily eyeliner application that can pull and stretch the skin on your eyelid!

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Shaded eyeliner tattoo is a bit different than Classic Eyeliner.

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Medical Tattoo

If your answer is ‘yes’ for any of the below questions, areola tattoo will be the best solution for you!

Permanent Makeup annual refresh

You must know that professional permanent makeup never lasts forever. As time passes it starts fading.

Aesthetics services

Eyebrow Shaping / Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow shaping is not only waxing or tweezing the unneccesary brow hair.
It is important for you to find the best eyebrow shape for yourself because it gives a frame for your face.

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